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There are courtrooms are on the 3rd and 4th floors. District Judge Steidley, District Judge Post, and Associate District Judge Condren are located on the fourth floor. Special Judges Crosson, Pazzo, and Smith are located on the third floor. The District Attorney and Court Clerk are located on the second floor.

Important Phone Numbers

Rogers County Court Clerk (918) 923-4961
Presiding District Judge Dwayne J. Steidley (918) 923-4964
District Judge Sheila A. Condren (918) 923-4968
Associate District Judge Stephen R. Pazzo (918) 923-4967
Special District Judge David Smith (918) 923-4965
Special District Judge Terrell S. Crosson (918) 923-4966
Special District Judge Lara M. Russell (918) 923-4963