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Are DUI Blood Tests Accurate?


I was arrested for a DUI and submitted to a blood test. Are DUI blood test results accurate?


There are two different scientific methods used to test blood for DUI purposes.
1) Gas Chromatography (GC-FID & GC/MS) – we will dicuss this analytical technique in this blog post.
2) Enzy­matic Immunoas­say (EIA) – The legitimate scientific community, as well as some of the device manufacturers themselves, have decided that EIA testing is not suitable for forensic purposes. In other words, EIA testing should never be used as the means of testing in a courtroom to prosecute someone for an alcohol related offense.

So lets talk a little about DUI blood testing by Gas Chromatography. The science itself is very very accurate. But mistakes happen and they happen a lot.


The reason these test results have so many mistakes is not because the science is not good. The mistakes in DUI blood tests occur because we humans are the weak link. Anytime a human is involved as much as they are in DUI blood testing, mistakes are guaranteed to happen.

So just because a DUI is based upon a blood test, that does not mean the case should not be contested. In fact it is the opposite. I would rather defend a blood test case any day over a breath test case because of all the mistakes that occur in the laboratory.

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