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Lying Oklahoma Cop Gets Special Treatment

Former Miami Oklahoma police officer Teresa Lashmet gets special treatment when caught lying multiple times under oath.

Teresa Lashmet Perjury Miami Oklahoma

In 2013 our office represented a gentleman in Miami Oklahoma who was stopped by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Miami Police Department. During the stop he was illegally arrested, assaulted by the officers, and even kicked in the face by Miami Police Officer Jeremy Myers (click here to watch the video). Then Miami Police Officer Teresa Lashmet lied about the stop and arrest under oath in a sworn probable cause affidavit. The Oklahoma Multi-County Grand Jury indicted Officer Teresa Lashmet for 3 felony offenses (perjury, perjury, and engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses). The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office handled the prosecution of Teresa Lashmet.

To say she was treated differently, and better, than an average citizen is an understatement. Assistant Attorney General Kathryn Savage made the following deals for Teresa Lashmet:
1) Count 1 felony Perjury was reduced to misdemeanor Outraging Public Decency.
2) Count 2 felony Perjury was reduced to misdemeanor Outraging Public Decency.
3) She was given a deferred sentence on all counts. Meaning that at the end of the probation she can get this case dismissed and removed completely from her record. This also keeps her from having a “conviction” on her record.
4) There is no prohibition of working in law enforcement. Furthermore, after her probation is over it will not show on her record.
5) She received $300 in total fines.
6) She was allowed to be on unsupervised probation. This is extremely rare. One would be hard pressed to find another felony case where the probationer was not required to be under DA Supervision or DOC Supervision.
7) She was given a PR or OR bond so she wasn’t even required to post a bond on the case. This is also extremely rare in felony cases.
8) She was allowed to enter a no contest plea instead of a guilty plea. This was obviously done so she wouldn’t have to worry about her plea being used against her in a civil law suit and so she wouldn’t have to say she plead guilty to perjury as a police officer.

Bottom line is that an average citizen charged with driving under suspension will be treated more harshly than a cop who lies under oath (not to mention better than a cop who kicks a subdued citizen in the face). This is a disgrace to the justice system in Oklahoma.

Documents Related to this Case:

Lashmet Indictment
Lashmet PR Bond
Lashmet Rules of Unsupervised Probation
Lashmet No Contest Plea
Lashmet Court Minute

(we will put these records here because in less than 3 years they will be deleted from the public record forever – thanks to the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office)